Be a Porter. Earn while you travel.


Porters are travellers, just like you, that register their travels with us, get
assigned a shipment heading the same route, complete it, and get paid.


Step 1: Register your travels
Sign up for an account and start registering your travels with us.
Step 2: Get matched to a shipment
Review the details of a shipment that’s matched to you and choose to either accept or reject it.
Step 3: Porter the shipment
Once accepted, the shipment will be sent to you to be Portered back.
Step 4: Drop it off and get paid
Complete the journey and drop the shipment off at our local Yellow Porter warehouse, or get in touch with our team for a pick-up. Once that’s done, you’ll get paid!


There’s nothing better than to get some extra cash in your pocket, all while you travel.
Complete a Porter shipment and earn 80% of the shipping fee*!

*Total shipping fee amount after RM10/kg deduction for warehousing and operational costs

Example 1:

Pair of shoes from U.K./U.S. to Malaysia

U.K./U.S. to Malaysia: MYR 76/kg
Pair of shoes (volumetric weight): 2kg

Total earnings: MYR 105.60
[(MYR 76/kg - MYR 10) x 2kg] x 80%

Example 2:

Nintendo Switch from Japan to Malaysia

Japan to Malaysia: MYR 45/kg
Nintendo Switch (volumetric weight): 3kg

Total earnings: MYR 84
[(MYR 45/kg - MYR 10) x 3kg] x 80%

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